Express Entry

We have started enrolling clients for Express Entry Program 2015, so that we could prepare you on time and get you to Canada.

Canada is launching Express Entry Program starting January 2015, which will allow you to obtain permanent residence visa of Canada regardless of your occupation and educational background. People working in any occupation are eligible to apply for this program, however, they are required to meet minimum passmark level and chosen by the Canadian Employers for job. There will be no limit of number of applications, and those selected by Canadian Employers will be quickly served with Permanent Residence Visa of Canada. As per Government announcement, the applicants will be able to immigrate to Canada within six months period from the date of application. Following are strategic steps you need to follow to apply for this program:

  • As an applicant, you will first need to submit your initial application as well as relevant documents in Canada Government’s Express Entry Pool. All these applications are registered online.
  • Canada Government will review your profile along with relevant documents and information, and then assess your likeliness of meeting required pass marks level for one of four programs – Federal Skilled Worker Program, Skilled Trade, Canada Experience Class and Provincial Nominee Program. For example: if your profile shows that you will likely meet required passmark for one of these programs, your profile will then be published in Express Entry Pool.
  • Canada’s federal and provincial governments as well as recruiters and Canadian employers will have access to express entry pool, who will then chose you to work in Canada. Once chosen, you will be offered job offer in Canada, which is called Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Based on LMIA, you can immediately start working in Canada once you immigrate here.
  • Once you are offered LMIA, Government of Canada will immediately invite you to submit an application for permanent residence visa, which is call Invitation to Apply (ITA). Once you receive ITA, you will have to submit an application for permanent residency visa within two months.
  • Your PR Application will be reviewed by Immigration Officer, and awarded points in various factors. Then, if you meet legal requirement, you will be asked to go through medical examination and submit your passport for visa.
  • This way, you and your family members will be able to obtain Canadian Permanent Residence Visa.