Study in Germany

Germany Universities provides a quality Education in free of cost. Students will have to worry only about their living expenses. Engineering, Medical Science, and Business Administration are the main faculties that a German University provides. For Hotel Management Students, Germany would not be a nice go.
For Bachelor Applicants
German Education system is a bit different from that of our home country. One would require to have a 13-year schooling to enter Bachelor level in Germany. But we have 12-year schooling system (10 + 2) in our country. So to fulfill this 13th year,Germany University provides an One year Language Course, known as Studienkolleg. In Studienkolleg, students get basic knowledge of their Faculty in German Language. Studienkolleg can be said a preparatory course. After the completion of Studienkolleg, you can apply further to your wished University in wished Faculty. All the Bachelor courses are taught in GermanLanguage. So you would require B1 level German Language Certificate to apply for Studienkolleg.
For Master Applicants
Germany University require a 4-year Bachelor degree to get admission in Masters course. All the Masters Course are taught in English. Hence you would not require German Language, but an A1 level is a compulsory. IELTS is a must.
Living in Germany
Student expense is minimum 400€. You would get a single room for 170€ per month in a Students hostel. Private flats are expensive than the students hostel. Except room,your expense would be on insurance (27€ per month) and fooding (150€ per month). Its a nice deal for Students. Students get a Student job not more than 20 Hours a week resulting about 400-500€ per month. That would be sufficient for a Student.