2023 Intakes in Canada

Are you seeking to pursue higher education in Canada but wondering about intakes? Then stop worrying. This blog is for you to look at intakes in Canada. Matter of fact, universities offer two to three intakes in Canada every year.

Intakes are when colleges and universities start accepting applications of a student, including international students, for admission. Intakes in Canada vary depending on the course and other essential factors. The individual who intends to study in Canada must know about all Canadian universities’ major and minor intakes. Keep reading this article to know more about intakes in Canada so you can prepare a plan early before your journey.

Most Popular intakes in Canada

Since Canada has become an attractive destination for higher education, thousands of Nepalese fly to Canada annually to pursue other education. As a result, Canadian colleges and universities accept students thrice a year through Fall, Winter, and Summer intakes.

intakes in Canada

  • During the first fall intake, a maximum number of students apply to study in Canada. This takes place during September of each academic year. This September intake is the most popular since it is the first one, and there are high chances of getting good scholarships and awards. Therefore, the one with a good academic score and test proficiency shouldn’t wait for other intakes and apply for this one immediately.
  • Winter intakes, also known as January intakes in Canada, are the second intake in January of each academic year. Since a maximum number of students have already applied for the first intake, there will be a high chance of getting admission to Canadian universities or colleges. If you didn’t get admission in the first intake, do not worry; apply for the winter intakes in Canada.
  • The third intake starts in the summer during May of each academic year. However, only a few colleges and universities offer third intakes. Students who couldn’t get admission in Canada’s first and second intakes can apply for this one. Fall is the major intake which is followed by the Winter intake. Summer intakes in Canada usually offer a limited number of courses and programs that are either short-term or not-so-popular, so I request individuals to check the course of their choice and apply for it.

intakes in Canada

2023 Intakes in Canada

Now it’s almost time for the winter intakes in Canada. Those seeking to go to Canada for further studies should be mentally prepared for every step they must go through to study in Canada. The individual must submit the application forms by December 2022. The form has already opened in September for interested candidates.

I hope you have done your research and analyzed your options. To apply for 2023 intakes in Canada, you must be prepared and attempted standardized English proficiency tests until September 2022. Here are several steps of the application process if you do not want to miss the deadlines for 2023 intakes in Canada.

  • Attempt English proficiency tests with good scores. Then, you can prepare and give the test between July- September 2022.
  • After scoring on the test proficiency test, it’s time to complete the application forms. You can fill out the form from September to December 2022.
  • After submitting the form, you get emails from the university, so students must reply to their emails. This will last from November 2022 to January 2023.
  • The individuals must settle their finance between January to February 2023 and apply for a Student visa.

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