Requirement for Canadian study visa

Canada is ranked 3rd globally in attracting international students, welcoming over 6,42,000 international students annually. Those who are seeking to get a Canadian study visa must need to get admission before applying for a student visa. Therefore, the individual should know all the processes to gain a Canadian study visa. As we know, Canadian universities have set different application processes, which vary from one to another.

The individual seeking a student visa must show enough financial strength to afford to live in Canada and fulfill study expenses for a year or more. Also, the acceptance process for international students varies from one university to another. Keep reading this article to know all the processes involve in getting a Canadian study visa.

Canadian study visa requirements

First, the most basic requirement to get a Canadian study visa is a Letter of acceptance. If any colleges or universities in Canada do not accept you, there is no chance of getting a visa. Second, most prior is English proficiency. You must show that you can talk, write and communicate in English. This is done through English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE. The third and most important requirement to get a Canadian study visa is sufficient to finance. You need to show the government of Canada that you have enough money to cover all your personal as well as university expenses for a year or more.

Canadian study visa

Document Checklist

If you are wondering what documents you need to get a Canadian study visa, please do not worry. I am here to clear all your doubts about this topic. Read the list given below.

  • English language test scores.
  •  IME – Immigration Medical Examination
  • Duly filled out the student permit application form.
  • Letter of acceptance from the university/institution.
  • Photocopies of passport pages.
  • Proof of monetary funds.
  • Two recent passport-size photographs.
  • Statement of purpose
  • The individual must provide financial evidence of at least CAD 11,000.

Full guide to know about Canadian study visa

The Canadian study visa depends on your home country, either Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA). In addition, one must have a Canadian Study permit to study in Canada, which is not a visa but a permit that allows students to study in Canada.

Canadian study visa

eTA- Electronic Travel Authorisation

It is a requirement for visa-exempt, non- U.S. foreign nationals, valid for five years. Your eTA might be invalid if the date of your passport expires. This is used to travel to Canada multiple times.

TRV- Temporary Resident Visa

This is for those students who have been accepted into a designated learning institution. One who didn’t get to apply for the eTA can apply for TRV.

Make sure you have a study permit from the Canadian immigration authority, known as IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizen Canada). To know more about a related topic, please visit a nearby consultancy. I recommend you to visit Career Counselling located in Kathmandu valley for great career counselling. The team of experts will welcome you with all their heart and will clear all your doubts related to the Canadian study visa, choosing courses, and university.

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