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Suppose you are living in Chitwan and looking for the best Consultancy in Chitwan for studying in Canada. Then this blog is for you to get your fine details on the best among mushrooms of Consultancy which are claiming to be the best. It’s good news for Chitwan residents since ICCC has opened its branch in Chitwan for Nepalese students in Chitwan.

International Career Counseling (ICCC) is Nepal’s best Consultancy in Chitwan to study in Canada since it has unique recognition among Nepalese students. ICCC is known for providing the best counseling to their students and assisting them to settle in Canada after a visa.

Moreover, ICCC has a committed team member with a core value of providing genuine counseling and support to students. So if you want to study in Canada and search for the best Consultancy, then ICCC is the one for you. So I recommend you to have a quick look at ICCC consultancy in Chitwan and their variety of services from the start of your journey till you settle in Canada for study.

consultancy in Chitwan

ICCC is one of the top consultancies in Nepal

And is a fact that ICCC has earned its goodwill and unique brand recognization by helping thousands of Nepalese students to get their dream university and course of choice. With experienced staff, ICCC has helped its students to get proper career counseling and achieve a strong score in test preparation.

Since it is crucial to choose the best Consultancy to study in Canada, the individual must focus on consultancy terms, conditions and services. Therefore, if you choose ICCC consultancy in Chitwan for counseling, they will guide you through all your doubts and inquiry. Here are some facilities provided by ICCC to their students willing to study in Canada.

  • Visa Counselling
  • Documentation
  • Reviewing SOPs
  • Preparing Complete visa application
  • Test preparation classes
  • Best career counseling
  • Advice on Airport rules and regulation
  • after-arrival arrangements

Moreover, ICCC is also associated with several Canadian Universities and Colleges, so Nepalese students can easily get into their dream universities and get a scholarship.

Visit ICCC- International Career Counselling Centre consultancy in Chitwan.

Chitwan residents do not have to worry about visiting Kathmandu frequently for Career counseling and test preparation since ICCC has extended its branch to Chitwan. The individual can locate our Consultancy in Chitwan at Lions Chowk, Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal.

consultancy in Chitwan

International Career Counselling Centre ( ICCC ) – Chitwan

Lions Chowk, Bharatpur
Chitwan, Nepal
P: 056-590039

Also, ICCC has expanded its branch to other places in Nepal, such as Butwal and Pokhara. You can also contact our Canadian branch located in Toronto.

International Career Counselling Centre ( ICCC ) – Canada

1099 Costigan Rd, Milton
ON L9T 6N9, Canada
M: +1 (437) 288 4084

International Career Counselling Centre ( ICCC ) – Butwal

1st Floor,
Butwal City Centre,
Near Bus Park, Butwal
P: 071-590979
M: 9802608816

Students’ reviews on ICCC consultancy in Chitwan

ICCC has earned 5-star on  ICCC Google Maps and 5-stars on ICCC’s Facebook Page. Moreover, Our Facebook page has thousands of followers and several reviews from different people around the country.

You can also take a quick look at the student gallery section on our official websites, where several students have shared their views on ICCC.

One wrote on Facebook, “A journey to Canada, by far, is the best place to land if you seek studies in CANADA. Their quality service is definitely what you would be impressed with. It has been my greatest pleasure working with such a magnificent team that is held with so much enthusiasm and sprightliness.

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