Best Consultancy in Pokhara for Canada

It is good news for Pokhara residents seeking the best Consultancy in Pokhara. This blog is for you to get your full research on the best Canadian Consultancy in Pokhara, so you don’t have to visit Kathmandu for test preparation and career counseling.

Since there are several Consultancy in Pokhara too, choosing the best and most trustable must be tedious for you. But do not worry because this blog will provide enough details to choose the best Consultancy in Pokhara.

For that Pokhara resident looking for the best Consultancy in Pokhara, I want you to have a quick look at ICCC- International Career Counselling Centre. ICCC has helped thousands of remarkable students to find their dream universities and choose the courses according to their qualifications and talent. Along with this, ICCC has provided Nepalese students with facilities such as Visa counseling, documentation, reviewing SOPs, and preparing complete visa applications. So if you are looking for the best Consultancy in Pokhara, then ICCC is the one for you.

Consultancy in Pokhara

ICCC is one of the best Consultancy in Pokhara

You might still wonder why to choose ICCC for Canada. Here I bring you facts and reviews which will help you more. Since its inception in 2014, ICCC has helped thousands of students to get better test preparation and career counseling. Moreover, ICCC is one of the most reliable Consultancies in Pokhara and Nepal, reflecting its efficiency and reliability through its service and solid help to its students.

With an experienced team of staff and over six years of experience as an academic advisor, ICCC has become the top Canadian consultancy in Nepal. Not only this but ICCC is also associated with several Canadian Universities and Colleges so that Nepalese students can get into their dream universities and get scholarships easily.

ICCC also assists their students in getting initially settled in Canada after a visa and continues helping them through their office in Toronto. Moreover, it provides another facility for meeting representatives, reducing all your problems if you query any doubts about studying abroad. Now it has expanded its branch from Kathmandu to different parts of Nepal, such as Chitwan, Butwal, and Pokhara.

Consultancy in Pokhara

International Career Counselling Centre- ICCC and its branches

For those willing to study in Canada from Pokhara, you can visit ICCC in Pokhara. ICCC has recently opened its branch in Pokhara for the convenience of students living in Pokhara.

Way To Can Pvt. Ltd.

TS Plaza 3rd Floor
Chipledhunga – 04
Pokhara, Nepal

ICCC has aimed to mark Kamaladi as a student hub, so its head office lies on  Floor 3, Red House at Kamaladi.

Moreover, if you want to visit ICCC, you can easily locate it in Putalisadak on the Third Floor of Putalihubb, Bag Bazar Sadak. Furthermore, we are open to the people of Chitwan and Butwal. ICCC is located at Lions Chowk, Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal.

International Career Counselling Centre ( ICCC ) – Chitwan

Lions Chowk, Bharatpur
Chitwan, Nepal
P: 056-590039

International Career Counselling Centre ( ICCC ) – Putalisadak

Third Floor Putalihubb
Bag Bazar Sadak
Kathmandu 44600
P: 01-5915450
P: 01-5915451

International Career Counselling Centre ( ICCC ) – Butwal

1st Floor,
Butwal City Centre,
Near Bus Park, Butwal
P: 071-590979
M: 9802608816

you can also check reviews on Facebook. Our Facebook page is ICCC Facebook. Or you can google for more reviews about ICCC.

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