List of high paying jobs in Canada for Nepalese

Being an international student in Canada is not quite easy since you have to manage overall financial baggage. So to get high-paying jobs in Canada is a crucial part while living in Canada. There are thousands of students looking for part-time jobs to meet their educational and living expenses during the semester while also boosting their skills and experience.

The Canadian government allows international students with study permits to work 20 hours per week and full-time, which is 40 hours. This will help you to cover your housing, food, travel, and other expenses. In addition, several part-time jobs in Canada are flexible for international students, including Nepalese students. Keep reading this article to know more about jobs in Canada.

List of High-Paying jobs in Canada for Nepalese Students

Dog Walker

People are so busy in life that they are willing to pay others to take their dogs for a walk. Several dog-walking businesses pay you well in Canada. This job will pay you around CAD 14 per hour.

jobs in Canada


If the individual is good at subjects such as Math or Science, you could apply those skills by working part-time as a tutor. You can work in elementary or high school in your spare time. The average tutor earns around CAD 16 per hour. In addition, being a tutor will boost your confidence in mass.

Delivery driver or Ride-sharing driver

Delivery drivers such as uber drivers or Lyft drivers are popular among Canadian people. So during your spare time, you can work for such a company. Moreover, you can work as a food delivery by bicycle. Many Canadian cities have bicycle food delivery services that will pay you handsomely. However, it will be a little lower than one driving a car. You will be paid around CAD 19 per hour.


Being a bartender is one of the most popular jobs in Canada among international students. Many Nepalese students learn bartender skills before going to Canada to study. So it is easy to get a bartender job in Canada. Moreover, you can earn more than CAD 14 per hour (the average salary of bartenders) through tips.

jobs in Canada


People are very busy these days and need high caffeine to function and go through their day. Being a Barista will help you boost your skill to make great coffee. Alongside, you can earn around CAD 14 per hour.

Sales assistant

These will be cool jobs for those who love fashion and stuff. Being a sales girl or boy is not an easy job. You must have very good conversation techniques and notify convenience customers to buy stuff. You can earn around CAD 14 per hour as a Sales assistant.


This is one of the most flexible jobs in Canada. Many students are involved in freelancing and are happy with their salaries. Some say that they earn $30 or more per hour, which is true. There are different freelance jobs in Canada for Nepalese Students, such as Content writers, Translators, and Web developers. A designer and web developer usually get paid well. However, you need to have high skills in computer language. It is also one of the most popular jobs in today’s generation.

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