Why Canada for Nepali international students?

Canadian universities attract several numbers of Nepali international students every year by providing quality education at affordable college fees. In addition, Nepali international students are interested in different courses not available in Nepal and are attracted to the wide range of facilities provided by the Canadian government.

The number of Nepali international students studying in Canada is increasing rapidly. As we all know, Canada has become an education hub for students, and not only do they provide quality education and allow their international students to work part-time. With a high job opportunity rate, quality education, and safety in Canada, they can manually grow international students’ numbers.

So if you are willing to study abroad and wondering what the best country for your further studies is, then you should choose Canada as your study destination. Keep reading this article to know more about Canada for Nepali international students.

Nepali international students

Is Canada best for Nepali international students?

For an individual who is planning to study abroad, the first thing you need to do is choose your destination. If you plan to go to Canada for higher studies, then here are all your answers regarding why you should choose Canada as a Nepali international student.

Quality education and Better Institution

If you google it, you will find that Canada has top-rated universities and education institutions with several courses. After getting a degree from this university and institution, one will easily get any job placement in any corner of the country, which is not the same as Nepali education.

Canadian government and universities spend millions of dollars annually to provide various scholarship programs to Nepali international students and other international students. Therefore, you can find top courses in top universities with a full scholarship if you are academically strong and has a high GPA.

Nepali international students

Affordable Tuition Fees

As mentioned earlier, the Canadian government annually provides a wide range of scholarship opportunities to Nepali international students. So those who are not financially strong but talented students don’t need to worry about their future since they will get a fully funded scholarship.

Also, students with average academic scores can afford education in Canada. For example, you can get a degree in social sciences, Art, or education with around 400 CAD per year. And for other courses average fee ranges from 100 CAD to 4000 CAD per year. However, the top majority program cost will go over 10,000 CAD per year.

Safe Environment and better workplaces

If you wonder if Canada is safe for studying and working, the answer is yes. Canada provides a sense of safety and security to Nepali international students, and many education consultancies recommend their students choose Canada as their study destination.

Canada has a low crime rate and cases of racial discrimination. Moreover, there are several other benefits like working while studying. For example, Nepali international students work up to 20 hours a week during normal college and full time, which is 40 hours in college break. Furthermore, after you complete your degree from a Canadian university, you will get a better work placement in any corner of the world.

There is a numseveralopportunities for every level othe f student. If you are a post-graduate, undergraduate, or at any level, you will find a job according to your qualifications.


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