Study in Canada Ph.D. scholarships

Here is some exciting news for those seeking to study Ph.D. in Canada. Canadian universities are offering fully funded scholarships for Ph.D. students. Students from around the globe can apply for this Fully Funded Scholarship for international students.

To apply for this scholarship, one must have strong academic and high scores in IELTS or other English proficiency examinations. In addition, to apply for the Ph.D. course, one needs to have a master’s degree in a related field, with strong grades and proven research potential.

Ph.D. courses are usually four to six years. The Canadian government offers a variety of scholarships for Nepalese students to cover their study expenses. Keep reading this article to know about the Ph.D. scholarships provided by the Canadian university.

Top Ph.D. Scholarships to study in Canada

University of Manitoba Scholarships

This university spends 2 million annually to attract academically strong students from all around the world. It is a fully funded scholarship provided by the University of Manitoba Scholarships. If you are a master’s degree holder and want to study Ph.D., you must apply for this scholarship.


The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Ph.D. Scholarships in Canada

This scholarship will cover your expenses of up to $40,000 per year for three consecutive years of tuition fees. Moreover, it will cover your living expenses of up to $20,000 per year for research, travel allowance, and networking. It is designed to train Engaged leaders and outstanding doctoral candidates with the skills to translate their ideas into action to improve their communities.

Ontario Trillium Ph.D. Scholarships in Canada

This is a provincially funded scholarship for those international students who want to study at Ontario universities. In addition, those Nepalese students who want to study Ph.D. in any academic discipline are eligible for this scholarship. This will cover your college’s expenses up to $ 40,000-year year.

If you want to apply for this scholarship, you must have a valid Canadian student visa and an English proficiency test score. In addition, one must not have completed a UG or PG degree at any college in Ontario before applying for admission to the Ph.D. under this scholarship.


Vanier Canada Graduate Ph.D. Scholarships in Canada

This scholarship is offered to 110 international students annually. You will be rewarded $45 000 during three years of doctoral studies. However, to apply for this scholarship, one must be nominated by an eligible Canadian institution and have excellent academic scores, leadership qualities, and research potential.

Alberta University Scholarship

You can apply for this scholarship without IELTS for the academic term 2022-23. In addition, the University of Alberta offers a wide range of scholarships for their fellow students who want to study doctoral.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)

This scholarship is for those who have a strong academic record. This will cover your college expenses up to $8,000 and $12000 for two or three consecutive study terms. You must be enrolled in a full-time program for two to more years to earn this award. In addition, you must be attending an Ontario School.

Apply for the best Ph.D. scholarship in Canada

  • Race To Zero Youth Fellowship
  • National Overseas Scholarship
  • Parker B. Francies Fellowship
  • OAS Academic Scholarship
  • Amelia Earhart Fellowship For Women
  • University of Windsor Graduate Entrance Scholarship
  • UBC Future Forest Fellowship
  • Jacobs F0undation Research Fellowship
  • Catherine Helen Spence Memorial Scholarship
  • Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program
  • UBC Killiam Doctoral Scholarship

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