Canada Student Visa Rejection Reasons

The Since it is a dream to study in Canada to get a quality education, international students face the greatest nightmare due to Visa Rejection. Although Canadian universities accept a large number of students each year, it is no surprise that students are always concerned about Visa Rejection.

If you want to study in Canada and don’t want to make any mistakes that might lead to Visa Rejection, then this blog is for you. I have mentioned some common mistakes that students make that lead to Canada Student Visa Rejection.

Top Canada Student Visa Rejection Reasons

There are high visa rejection rates and an increase in applicants. Canada offers students the to stay and study in the country along with working hours after college. Unfortunately, many applicants knowingly and unknowingly make mistakes that lead to Canadian student visa rejection. Here is a list so that you can avoid them.

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English Proficiency test

Many international students who are not native English neglect the proficiency test. However, you must show proof of proficiency in the language to get a student visa. In addition, candidates need to score the minimum score set by the university to get an acceptance letter. Furthermore, suppose students meet the average DLI (Designated Learning Institution) language proficiency criterion. In that case, there are huge chances that they might fail to meet the program condition, which may result in Canada Student Visa Rejection Reasons.

Choice of Program

It is the most challenging factor since your entire career depends upon the subject you choose. Your choice of the program directly affects your student visa. You will complain if you frequently change the stream or field of interest. There is also a high chance of getting visa rejection if you have a great GPA in a bachelor’s degree but are applying for a PG diploma. Moreover, your visa might get rejected if you are a master’s degree holder and applying for a postgraduate diploma.

Insufficient Documentation

Students must submit every document to the Canadian government, and the university asked them not to get their visas rejected. It is the most important aspect while applying for a visa. The government will trust you through your document, so we request you keep your documentation strong, fast, and trustworthy.

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Acceptance Letter

One will only get a student visa if he has a letter of approval from a Canadian DLI. Your visa might be denied if your acceptance letter is called into doubt. To get the acceptance letter, the individual must meet university criteria. Without an acceptance letter, there is no chance of getting a student visa.

Visa success rate for Canada from Nepal

As per Citizenship and Immigration Canada, around 30% of all student visa applications get rejected annually by the Canadian university or government. So it would be fair to say the visa success rate for Canada from Nepal is around 70%. Moreover, if we see approval rates for Nepali students in the past two years, we can range it from 62%-71%. Students are believed not to make any mistakes while filling up their forms and must have researched their subject choice, scholarships, and another factor to minimize rejection.

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