IELTS requirement for Canada student visa

Canada has become one of the most popular destinations for students who seek to get a quality education. For those seeking to know the IELTS requirement to get a Canada student visa, I say you have come to the right place. This blog is for you to clear all your doubts about a related topic. IELTS is not a memorizing test. Rather, it is conceptual, which includes learning to communicate in real-time situations in the learning environment.

Most international students choose IELTS for a Canadian visa since almost every universities or college accept students through the IELTS test exams. It is an English proficiency test that the student gives to show proof of their capabilities of communication in English. Since English is the primary language of communication in Canada, it is the most prior step for non-English speakers who wish to study in Canada. IELTS is divided into four sections: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Keep reading this blog about the IELTS requirement for Canadian student visas.

Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB)

The CLB oversees your minimum IETLS requirement for a Canadian student visa. Canadian Language Benchmarks are the national standards used in Canada for defining, recognizing, and qualifying English language proficiency. It is levels from 1 to 12, and it varies from one another. Each section has different CLB scores in Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading.

IELTS requirement

Minimum IELTS requirement for International students

The individual seeking to study in Canada must have gotten enough scores to be admitted to the best university in Canada. However, if you get at least 6.0 overall, there is a high chance of getting a student visa. Unfortunately, if you score less than 6.0 in IELTS, there is rarely any chance of getting a visa.

Your scores also depend on the level of the studies you are choosing. For example, for the undergraduate program, you will need a score of 5.5. But for overall courses, the minimum IELTS requirement is a score of 6.0.

Minimum IELTS requirement for Bachelor/ Diploma

If you choose Canada as your study destination for Bachelor’s, Diploma, or other certificate courses, you must score at least 6.0 to 6.5 to get accepted by the college or university. Also, the individual should score a minimum of 55% in academic courses in 10+2 to get admission to the Diploma program. And for Bachelor’s program, students must have an excellent academic score to get a Canadian student visa.

IELTS requirement

Minimum IETLS requirement for PG course

The students planning to study PG courses in Canada must score at least 6.5 on the English proficiency test. In addition, you must have an excellent academic course for the PG course and have secured at least 60% in 10+2.

Minimum IETLS requirement for Masters course

Those who want to study for a master’s in Canada must have secured 7.0 scores or above in the IELTS band. Moreover, the individual’s academic requirement is 60% to get a permit to study in Canada.

Students should focus on completing and revising the IELTS syllabus to crack IELTS. Or you can visit a nearby consultancy to get greater counselling about the IELTS requirements. The consultancy has a team of experienced members who will clear all your doubts and help you find your dream university. So I recommend you to visit Career Counselling, located in Kathmandu Valley.

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