International Students in Canada

The shift towards obtaining global exposure in academic and professional fields has a long history. Amidst several alternatives at one’s disposal, Canada has lately been evident in attracting and welcoming large numbers of international students to its unequally excellent educational institutions, offering them exquisite Canadian experiences. Furthermore, such skyrocketing interest in Canada did not build up overnight, and it is not bounded just to one particular reason; it encompasses countless aspects, as Canada is known for its global tapestry, diversity, cultural exchange, global network, enriching communities, accessible post-study long-term settlement programs, and above all, academic excellence and global opportunities. 

International Students in Canada

What makes Canada stand out for studying?

Canada has validated itself as a premier educational hub for every unparalleled education seeker from around the globe. The country’s validation is not only limited to its globally recognized education but also the prodigious outlook and opportunities its graduates receive on a global scale. Furthermore, students at Canada’s top-tier institutions come across diverse cultures, bilingualism, inclusivity, and a broad spectrum of programs encompassing various disciplines in which students are proffered to choose theory combined with experiential learning, innovative research opportunities, and industry linkage, which is one of the unsurpassed pathways to providing its graduates with a competitive edge in the global job market. 

Canada stand out for studying


Apart from the high caliber of its programs to integrate and pave a propitious professional career, the overall expenses incurred for the duration of the chosen programs are relatively less expensive compared to their counterparts in nations such as the USA, the UK, and Australia, which less likely impose an additional financial burden on students and their parents. Thus, students should not need to be anxious about the expenditures that come with their Canadian education. The exciting part about the Canadian education system is that not only the institutions but also the federal and provincial levels are more prone to designing immigration programs to facilitate international graduates with permanent residency. 

On top of these, international students with a valid study permit are authorized to receive part-time employment provisions during the academic sessions, and on other occasions, such as semester breaks, reading weeks, and long public holidays, students have permission to take on full-time employment. These types of allocations are the best ways for international students to earn an extra penny and integrate into Canadian work cultures with their natives or people from diverse backgrounds. Having the opportunity to work full-time or part-time is also the best way to expand your professional network for the future. 

Responsibilities to undertake under the student visa in Canada: 

Above all, as an international student, before transitioning into a Canadian institution or Canadian land, foreign nationals must receive approval from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and enter Canada on a temporary authorization in which students must understand and adhere to federal, provincial, and institutional laws, rules, and codes of conduct designed to regulate their students. The first thing to do is enroll at the designated learning institution (DLI).

Canadian institution

Besides, students must maintain sound academic performance and attendance, and it is strongly advised to make progress through or towards the chosen field of study. Additionally, to avoid any sort of violation of set laws, rules, and regulations, upon obtaining the study permit, students must go through the provided documents, consult with an authorized legal advisor, or contact the respective institution. Infringement of any conditions on a study permit results in its revocation, which also complicates further immigration in Canada and other countries as well. 

Who can be the trusted mentor? 

Every aspiring Nepalese student with immeasurable ambitions, potentiality, and thrust for education that defines their destiny truly deserves a mentor who upholds expertise in providing customized guidance. And the International Career Counseling Centre (ICCC) unveils and ushers in the possibilities of a destiny that every Nepalese student wishes to embrace with a Canadian education. ICCC is the only consultant that could offer end-to-end services to its clients, from the study visa application to permanent residency, through a direct alliance with the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). In addition, ICCC’s adroitness is not limited to study and PR applications but also includes Spousal Open Work Permit (SOWP), Visitor Visa, Study and Work Permit Extension, Parents and Grandparents Programs, and many more. Thus, every Nepalese odyssey to Canada begins with the ICCC and wraps up in Canada.

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