Why do Nepalese students go for abroad studies?

Going to a foreign country for higher education has become common among Nepalese students. Especially, Nepalese students are attracted to Canada due to the quality of education and various other facilities provided by the Canadian government.

Moreover, there are huge job opportunities and a quality education lacking in Nepal. Students work around 20 hours per week during the academic year and 40 hours per week during holidays and semester breaks. This will cover all their financial baggage from college as well as from their home. Keep reading this article to know more about the reason why Nepalese students go for studies abroad.

Top reasons why Nepalese students go abroad to study

Quality education

We all know that Canada has become a popular destination for international students. Thousand of students leave their homeland for Canada in search of good education for a better future. But, as for Nepal, we have to accept that it is not as qualitative as in foreign countries. Students are well known for outdated syllabi. Teachers are unfamiliar with modern teaching methods and new subjects that suit today’s time.

Nepalese students

Travel/New Experience Gain:

Since it’s a generation of hot blood, who loves to travel, make blogs and reels to post on social media. Youth are more interested in traveling and gaining new experiences. Students know that they can have a fun time during weekends. They could travel with friends and see awesome views in peace. So this might be one reason why Nepalese students go abroad to study.

Better Employment:

It’s no secret that if you graduate from a renowned university, there is a huge opportunity for you in the future. This is because you can get job placement easily. Moreover, there is better employment in foreign countries with better salaries than in Nepal. So when you complete your study at a foreign university, you can easily get a better job related to your field and quality of life.

Practical education:

The foreign country focuses more on training and less on the theory lacking in Nepal’s education system. In Nepal, you can only get theoretical education and rarely get any practical education. So students who graduate from Nepal will only have a degree and no experience for their actual life and are incapable of doing jobs related to their field.

Nepalese students

Scholarship opportunities:

There is no doubt that foreign government spends tons of money on a scholarship so they can attract young youth to their country. Therefore, various scholarships are available in the foreign university to attract international students yearly.

Job/Earning while studying:

Most foreign countries allow students to work around 20 hours per week during the academic year and 40 hours per week during semester breaks and other holidays. This will help Nepalese students cover all their financial baggage and pay the college fee, which is hardly the case in Nepal.

Valid Certificate:

Once you graduate from a foreign country, your degree will be valid worldwide, which helps them more than their Nepali certificate. For example, if you have a Canadian degree, you are more likely to enter any foreign land. This is why Nepalese students prefer foreign countries for their higher students.

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